Serenity’s Values

Vision Statement

 “To be a leader in revolutionizing post acute and long term care services.”



 ServicesOur services are designed to enhance the dignity and quality of life of every resident entrusted to our care.

CustomerWe achieve excellence by listening and responding to our customers.

EmployeeQuality employees are essential to providing excellent care and services.

FinancialOnly from a strong financial position can we meet the needs of our customers and our employees.


Our Commitment to Excellence


¨To remember that we are in the business of caring.  When dealing with a customer, we will never underestimate the importance of taking a few extra seconds to listen, smile, or hold a hand.”

¨To remember that when a customer identifies a problem or concern, that this provides us with an opportunity for improvement.”

¨To treat every Resident as we would want to be treated if we were they.”

¨To treat every employee with the same dignity, respect, and privacy with which we expect them to treat our residents.”

¨To remember that good communication is essential between employees of all levels in order for everyone to do their best.”

¨To remember that the best minute spent is the one invested in people.”

¨To recognize that the expert in any job is most often the person performing it.

¨To recognize that in order to be extraordinary you must be willing to provide “extra.”

“To remember that pre-work prevents re-work.”

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